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A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be very isolating. You may have received a diagnosis, be someone who is caring for a family member, or you may have a mum or dad with younger onset dementia. You are not alone. The National Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program provides individualised information and support to improve the quality of life for people with younger onset dementia and also see NSW - Younger Onset Dementia . For more information contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

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Living with younger onset dementia

This DVD has been produced for people living with younger onset dementia. Receiving a diagnosis of dementia at a young age can bring with it a range of different needs and issues. This DVD highlights the stories of six families who are living with younger onset dementia. It discusses their particular needs, the changes they have made, what has helped and how they live well with younger onset dementia.
Topics covered: Symptoms and diagnosis Changes in life Services and support Living well with dementia Ideas and strategies Looking ahead

Be with me today : a challenge to the Alzheimer's outsider DVD (2009) Richard Taylor was diagnosed with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type, when he was 58 years old. Now 66, Richard speaks to the public about living with the disease and sends out a challenge to the Alzheimer's outsider. This is the first DVD in a series of Richard's "TODAYs." Join Richard as he speaks from his heart, urging all of us to recognize that "THERE IS A PERSON IN THERE." It is a remarkable documentation of his presentation to aging services professionals, urging them to embrace the culture change philosophy of person-centered care. For anyone who knows, interacts with, works with, or provides services to people with dementia.

quality dementia care publication

Quality Dementia Care 5
Younger onset dementia: a practical guide
May 2015

contents :
A. Practical tips and advice for people with younger onset dementia and their carers 8

1. Cognitive abilities: working with strengths 8

2. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of Dementia 12

3. Restraint 18

4. Activities of daily living 18

5. Personal care 21

6. Dementia-Friendly environments 23

7. Employment 24

8. Volunteering 25

9. Social engagement and respite 25

10. Driving and the law 25

10. Medical treatment of dementia 30

11. Alzheimer’s Australia programs and support 34

B. Planning for future care of the person with dementia 35
1. Advance care planning 35

2. Legal issues 36

3. Financial issues: where to go for advice and help 39

4. Payments for people with dementia 39

5. Payments for carers 40

6. National Disability Insurance Scheme 40

7. Practical supports in the home 40

8. Residential care 43

C. Changing Roles and Relationships 44
1. The experience for the person with younger onset dementia 44

2. Changing family roles and relationships 44

3. Assuming the caring role 46

4. Grief and loss 49

D. Contributing to Dementia Research 51
1. Research participation 51

2. Active Involvement in the research process 52

3. Brain donation, the ultimate gift to future generations 52

4. How to find out more 53

Further information 54

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