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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Living with dementia in regional NSW

Discussion Paper 8 (Nov 2013)

Living with dementia in regional NSW

With the rural population aging at a faster rate than urban regions and risk factors for dementia being more prevalent, an increase in the portion of people with dementia living in rural areas is expected over the next few decades. This Discussion Paper aims to raise awareness of the challenges people with dementia, carers and service providers’ face in regional and rural Australia and the innovative and creative solutions being developed in response.
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From ABC World Today with Eleanor Hall

Dementia patients, carers in the bush 'can't cope'

ELEANOR HALL: Now to that urgent appeal to Australia's governments by Alzheimer's authorities and carers for more dementia support services in the bush....

JOHN WATKINS: As the number of people increases in Australia and it is increasing very rapidly - 310,000 Australians today, about 500,000 within 20 years. As it increases, that hammer blow's going to fall hard on regional Australia, often in areas where there is a lack of services and a lack of options in care.

Mr Watkins says government funding is urgently needed to raise aged care standards in the country, and to provide targeted and flexible dementia services and respite for carers.

JOHN WATKINS: There's a really good model that we're actually involved with in down in the Bega area, which is mobile respite where we go into isolated communities and provide respite for people living with dementia. But it's the only part of New South Wales where that program is funded.

So if we're going to develop these good programs, and they are, there's a lot of good programs in country New South Wales country Australia, well we'd better replicate them to ensure that that quality of care is provided more widely.

I know if you live in a small country town in rural Australia you don't expect to get the same quality of service as you do if you live in the north shore of Sydney. But just because you live in country Australia, shouldn't mean that you don't get access to good dementia quality read the transcript or listen to the full interview.