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A diagnosis of younger onset dementia can be very isolating. You may have received a diagnosis, be someone who is caring for a family member, or you may have a mum or dad with younger onset dementia. You are not alone. The National Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program provides individualised information and support to improve the quality of life for people with younger onset dementia and also see NSW - Younger Onset Dementia . For more information contact the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Living with early onset Alzheimer's disease

Keith Oliver is 55 years old and lives near to Canterbury with his wife Rosemary.
About a year ago Keith’s world changed when he was diagnosed with early onset dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s.
Keith has enjoyed a 33 year career in teaching with his final teaching post as head teacher of Blean primary school ending earlier this year.
Keith says that if you had asked him twelve months ago what thoughts came to mind when dementia or Alzheimer’s disease were mentioned, he would have described an elderly person being cared for in their own home or nursing home. Keith was not aware that dementia could affect people in their early 50s (or younger) until he was diagnosed. Because of this, Keith is now determined to contribute towards raising public awareness and dispel some of the myths around this disease.
Keith now has a very positive attitude towards to his disease, an attitude he says he’s always had towards life, and something that helps him deal with it day to day.

Younger onset dementia - Keith Oliver's story (click to watch youtube)
This 8-minute film featuring one of the Dementia Action Alliance's Affiliates aims to raise public awareness, reduce stigma/fear and misunderstanding that currently surrounds dementia for many people.

The film was made in August 2012, and has been used by Keith and Kent County Council for staff training conferences in Kent and more widely by DementiaUK.

Keith has also put together including:

Dancing with Dementia – Christine Bryden
Sub-title “My story of Living Positively with Dementia” says it all. A superb book for anyone with an interest in YOD. If only one book of personal writings on the subject then buy/read  this one. CB has lived with dementia since the age of 46 (in 1995) and has used her skills, talents and energy to advance the cause of raising public awareness and challenging public mis-conceptions around dementia  CB had a high powered job as a senior civil servant which she lost due to the illness but nowhere is there a sense of negativity. She writes extremely well about what it is like to live with dementia and the reader related to her human story which is grounded in good science as well. I read it a second time a year later –hopefully more details will stick the second time! to read more click on the link below -
these books and more are available at the Alzheimer's NSW library - members can email